Preparing for Slugs and snails

February is here already, but as I’ve been trying to get the back garden ready for Spring, I’ve come across slugs and snails hiding all over the place. I think the mild winter we’ve had, despite the recent frosty mornings, has been a little too good to these pests! I’m a bit worried about what they could do to the vegetables and to any plants later in the year, but I am hoping my collection of Slug Inns will save the day. See

These are great beer traps. So, I just fill them with beer and the slugs forget about my plants, they would rather spend the night drinking themselves stupid! I’m sorry to say they do drown in the beer but it’s almost certainly a better death than slug pellets... plus they are OK for the birds, hedgehogs, frogs etc. to eat later. Also, just in case they have a mad moment, dogs and cats cat mess with the traps or even eat the dead slugs without a problem.

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