Kakoi Performance Fasteners

  • Non-metallic Fasteners
  • Supplied in different colours
  • Easy use
  • Pack of 30 parts
  • Must-have addition to your toolbox 

These versatile fasteners are tolerant of hole sizes - between 6.00mm and 6.5mm diameter (1/4"). They also work well in a range of materials from metal, glass and plastic to wood, chipboard and MDF to brick and concrete to plaster and even plasterboard.

This type of fastener has had a successful history in the automotive industry. 'Fir Tree' fasteners like this have, for years, been used in metal, plastics, foams, fiberglass and many other industrial applications where loads and vibration mean the use of conventional fasteners can be expensive and or time consuming. This version which we call the 'Pinetree' fastener is the latest design and owes most of its amazing strength and performance to current manufacturing and plastics technology. The grip comes from the conical barbs which act like little umbrellas - they collapse to go in the hole but try to open up when they are pulled back.