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We’ve been spending a great deal time creating ideas for PPE and specifically face coverings. We are now really excited about an idea we’ve come up with and are fast tracking manufacturing facilities to get the product out as soon as possible.

What happened? So, three or four weeks ago we looked through the ideas we had come up with and narrowed them down to those that could make a difference and we agreed that face coverings were the way to go. One of the ideas for a face coverings was about helping people make their own. We realised that any face coverings we provide for the general public had to be in addition to and instead of any existing face coverings that must be left for healthcare workers. Our idea is a clip or clamp system that allows everyone and anyone to make a face coverings from any material just by cutting out a rectangle, no hems, no stitching and no need to attach elastic. Our product means you can make one easily but also have spare pieces of fabric so you can change the “filter” as often as you need to on a daily or even hourly basis as necessary. You can keep spare pieces of fabric in your bag, in the car, at home and even at work (if you have returned to work).

We hope people can see this as a functional and fun product to protect each other from infection, whilst choosing a fabric that reflects their personal style or mood.

I posted this on Facebook earlier...

BLOKit Face Coverings 

We are currently in the process of developing a new face covering system. We want to help everyone make their own face coverings with minimum effort.

The idea is that our clamp system will allow you to take a rectangle of any fabric and clamp at each end to our ear loops and use immediately.

You can choose a fabric such as close woven cotton or even vacuum cleaner bag material ( no need to hem or sew) to make your own personal face mask. You could used colourful fabrics, fabrics with logos or customise the covering to match your mood. The world is your oyster!

The pictures here show a 3D printed prototype model.

The production clamp systems will be available later in June so check out our shop and look out for updates.

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