Twist-Top Ashtray
Twist-Top Ashtray
Twist-Top Ashtray
Kakoi Limited

Twist-Top Ashtray

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Pack of 2 Ashtrays

The Twist Top Ashtray is an ashtray with a difference. We have designed the Screw Top Ashtray so that, when it's not in use those annoying odours are kept inside. 

It's not a complex design concept, we're not re-inventing the wheel... it's just a very simple solution to a very common problem that you can't buy anywhere else.

We are selling them in packs of two because we know you will find them really useful.

Whether you're a non smoker or a smoker, ashtrays smells can get too much, even outside. This ashray is designed simply to lock in the smells and the mess. If you're in your back garden on on a picnic (even in your bedroom), when you're not smoking you want to keep those smells locked away. 

When it's windy, if it's raining - put a lid on it. Avoid mess and protect everybodies environment. Ideal if your going to the beach, or if your at someones barbeque or even if you're a non smoke having an out door party and you know there will be smokers there.

The Twist top ashtray is a great present to give your friends, family or partner, especially if you're a non smoker. Sold in packs of two so maybe keep one in the car... just in case.

Come sun, wind or rain the Twist Top Ashtray is a must have for any smoker, even if you only smoke occasionally. 

Made from a tough self-extinguishing glass reinforce polymer, these ashtrays are robust light and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

The lid simply twists on with a friction fit. This keeps smoke and smells inside and any cigarettes that are still lit will self extinguish in a matter of seconds. ideal for personal use, outside, inside in the car...

Also ideal for big events such as parties, barbecues, weddings etc. or for Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants where smokers and non-smokers mix and outdoor space is limited.

Pack of 2 Ashtrays £7.50

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