6 pack - Slug Inn
6 pack - Slug Inn
6 pack - Slug Inn
6 pack - Slug Inn
6 pack - Slug Inn
6 pack - Slug Inn
Kakoi Limited

6 pack - Slug Inn

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"Probably the Best Slug Trap on the Market!"

More and more people are telling us that this Slug Trap is getting results - it's catching more slugs than before, it's easy to use and looks great in the their gardens. For the price you can you can afford to scatter them around the garden and catch the Slugs and Snails in the places that matter most. These Slug Traps are great for allotments and vegetable gardens but they're small enough to fit in pots and containers for the small courtyard garden as well. 

Why is it so good?

  • Small, compact and attractive
  • Value - buy 6 and target the areas that the slugs & snails go for
  • Beer lasts for weeks - it drains out of the inner trap and can be used again and again
  • Easy to install - designed to push easily into the ground, push the lid onto the body gently - no need to force it.
  • Less mess easy to empty and you don't have to refill very often
  • Shower Proof - the lid keeps most of the rain out (not storm proof)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed and Made in England 
  • International orders will be sent by Economy post to save you money.

    It seems the "Slug Problem" is getting worse every year. If you spend time and money on your garden the last thing you want is for those slimy slugs and snails to feast their way through all your efforts. There are pesticides and poisons that kill the slugs of but some leave a slimy mess as the slugs or snails die and many of them are dangerous for the other wild life as well as your own pets - not forgetting you and the rest of your family.

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