Helping Hands - leaf grabber
Helping Hands - leaf grabber
Helping Hands - leaf grabber
Kakoi Limited

Helping Hands - leaf grabber

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Helping Hands

This new product was designed to make picking up leaves as straightforward and easy on your back as possible. But it will be perfect not just for leaves

Not just for Leaves

  • Leaves (obviously)
  • Hedge and Plant trimmings
  • Garden Waste
  • Logs
  • Pet Poo
  • Horse Manure
  • Moving Soil, gravel etc.
  • Anything you've dropped when you can't bend down.

Great for picking up leaves, fruit, garden waste, hedge trimmings, logs, grass. No need to bend down or get your hands dirty. PLEASE NOTE. Kakoi will be closing its website soon and moving to a new BM Injection Ltd website in due course. Please go to and search for "Helping hands - leaf and litter collector" if this website isn't working.

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