A Uni-Grow Planter
A Uni-Grow Planter
A Uni-Grow Planter
A Uni-Grow Planter
A Uni-Grow Planter
A Uni-Grow Planter
Kakoi Limited

A Uni-Grow Planter

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Uni-Grow, the ultimate planting system incorporating a "grow bag" (grow bag not included). This product has been designed, not only to get the best out of the bag but enable you to use it in areas where you wouldn't expect to. The Uni-Grow system will earn its place in any home garden, it will also complement planting in allotments and be really useful in the greenhouse.

KAKOI is a subsidiary of BM Injection Ltd, and the KAKOI website will be closing down soon to eventually move to a new BM Injection website. In the interim, this product can be found on ebay.co.uk by searching for "Plastic grow-bag holder - save space, deeper roots, put grow bags on their side!" All Kakoi products are made in UK by BM Injection.



The Uni-Grow System

  • A New way to grow plants in a Grow-Bag
  • Perfect for tomatoes and climbing plants
  • Easy to mix Climbers, Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers
  • Compact - Ideal for balconies and patios
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble

    Note: this purchase does not include the grow bag or a cane kit

  • Better Plant Growth. Because the grow bag is held vertically there is greater depth for root growth, and by keeping the bag off the ground there is more air around the bag to prevent it overheating in the sun. Also with the increased depth there is less chance of over watering causing problems.

    Versatile. The Uni-Grow bag holder keeps the bag vertical to help root growth and keeps the bag off the ground. The bag keeps cooler in this orientation but for the user, it means less mess and the whole unit is now transportable. You can effectively keep the bags closer together and take up less floor space but as the planting grows you can move them about. You could start off in the green house and then take them outside when they are ready or if you need to you can bring things in when you need to (better to lift them, don't drag them or you could break the feet). 

    Side Growth. With the bag vertical not only do you have the opportunity to grow up from the top of the bag you could grow sideways out to the bag. By doing this you could have upright planting from the top, including climbers, and then have trailing plants or what would normally be ground cover, growing from the sides. The Uni-Grow could be your vegetable garden or a fantastic but compact display of colourful flowers (or a bit of both) 

    Cane Supports. The Uni-Grow system has features to take any standard canes, available from most DIY stores and garden centres, up to 11mm in diameter. This enables you to develop a cane support system or framework, on top of the Uni-Grow to support climbers, or to put a cage of netting over fruit, for example, to protect it from birds or to enclose the whole thing in polythene to create a miniature green house. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination. 

    Stackable. This is where the Uni-Grow system comes into its own, The basic Uni-Grow product will stack vertically by using the Cane Support features. By fitting short canes into the top cane supports of one Uni-Grow, another Uni-Grow can be mounted on top of this. Alternatively, if you put two Uni-Grow systems side by side you can fit another Uni-Grow on top, between the two of them in a pyramid. We have yet to test the long term strength of our system but potential the stacks could grow and link together to form areas of cascading foliage to suit your garden but then you can move them around if you want to.

    Integrated Gardening. Clearly the Uni-Grow system is perfect for patios but specifically for small areas. If you have a small garden or patio where you want to try a mixture of planting, borders and even pots can take up a lot of space. The Uni-Grow gives you the versatility of pots but allows you to grow vertically to take up the minimum of space. For the first time there is a planting system that can provide an almost unlimited choice of planting for a small balcony. Imagine you live on the 12th floor of a block of flats with a tiny balcony... you can set up a stack of Uni-Grow's to grow Climbers like tomatoes and beans and then in the lower sections you can grow herbs, vegetables, strawberries, flowers and so on. If the aspect of the balcony causes problems with sun or lack of it or wind etc, then with the right choice of polythene or netting, you can protect you planting to give it the best chance. A flat with a Kitchen Garden - whatever next. 

    Registered Design and Patents Applied for.        
    (does not include the grow bag or canes)

    The Uni-Grow measures 1050mm long, 225mm front to back and 327mm high and weighs just under 3Kg when fully assembled. 

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